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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Someone call a doctor!!!

Someone had better, because there's only one cure! More cow bell baby!!! I am sure you are having a heart attack seeing me actually blog! I think I just had a heart attack. It is scary, but oh so true. Life has been a freight train for the last past months. I miss bloging my thoughts, and getting your sweet replies. I am exited for this weekend. I hear we are going up to the mountains to do something... See, I am so out of touch! Michelle had fun on her trip back home to Wisconsin, her friend had a wedding! Weddings make me laugh and cry at the same time, it is really weird, so I decided to stay here in Vegas and cry with my kids, two dogs and a beer. Just kidding about the dogs. So anyway, I think I want to move! I can currently hear a cockroach chirp either right outside my wall or INSIDE my room! It is like the Boston Cock Roach Symphony in here. I hate bugs, it was a total accident that they exist, I read it somewhere. Yeah, God said one day that he needed something that sounded like bugs, but he didn't say bugs, and Wham!! we have bugs.... Someone please get that angel a hearing aide!! Anyway, back to the roach orchestra, this roach is roaching in sync with my typing! It is like the coolest and grossest roach ever, that just wants to fit in. It is really freakin' me out! Well, anyway, I hope all is well with all of you and I will type back to you soon. Tell the doctor you need adrenaline, tell him of your allergies, and believe me, I will do my best to blog more often to prevent future palpitations. Well, maybe, I don't want to promise anything too crazy. Strike that second to last sentence there. Of course, I did say I would do my best. Good, unstrike it. Put it back into your mind, I have gone back to the original promise. I love you all!! Eat your 5 food groups and run yearly! ( I said that for my benefit!)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My latest Blog

Holy crap, I have blogged!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelle has made fun of me for the last time!! Oh, and you too Kenny. Michelle said you never blog much either! I think you should ban her from your house from now on. Just giving you a heads up.

Well, I am just as busy as ever. Nothing too exciting going on here. I liked my hair in a recent picture. Short of that, nothing too amazing. I love everyone I know, even my enemas. I mean my enemies. Enemas are not too likeable. I promise, NOT that I would know. I love my children, My wife is perfect, and I am addicted to racquet sports. I have learned the ancient Chinese secret to my anger paths, and I am angry I learned it. LOL, kidding mom. Anyhow, I hope you are enjoying this array of words that trickle ..................

Is this online journaling or online diarying? My diary is sort of personal. But being I do not have a diary, maybe it is all good to do it here. I am too tired though. I do not know how I will start due to my tired state. This just in,,,,,,,,,,, I am back on the blog scene. STOP More tomorrow......Stop......Have sheepish dreams until then. B ye

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My Wife Rocks!

That pretty much sums it all up, doesn't it? I love her so much and am so grateful for her. She is wise, frugal and always gives me GOOD advice. Not like that "EVE' I got waaayyyy back when. The crazy part about all that is too, I don't even like apples. Good riddens to that chick! haha..... Thank you God for her and her love. I see You through her every move, her every unconditional act....... Gene, it was great hangin' tonight buddy. Jeremy, call me. I love you and I love tennis... Von Collenburgs, all love for you. Thank you for hangin' out tonight and for leaving those freshly sweet egg rolls!
Johnny and Jess Miles, You know I love you both, you make me laugh.....and drink. I'm Irish and I love ya! That is enough "shout outs" for tonight.. I am tired.. See ya all later and very soon! God Bless and Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

My Song to the Lord

I have forgotten you Lord, I have Partied, drank, Rock n' rolled, I have given bad advice to the best of friends, I have wandered like a lost, drunk sheep through empty fields, taken refuge in hell and dug a "death ditch" to play in..... and you have been holding my hand, carrying me out of the fires always. Did I once thank you, let alone acknowledge you were there? You are Lord! You are grace and love. You are understanding when the rest of the world is blind, even your own followers... Your own children.... Ah yes! You are the mighty Lord, my God!
A woman once asked a man, " Why do you still remember to pray to God after all the horrible things that have happened to you. How do you still pray to him!" The man answered her with low eyes at first, then lifting them with great meaning and said, "Just because I am walking next to my daughter, and she falls down and gets hurt, it doesn't then mean that I let her fall. The unconditional love of the father is defined by the way I would pick her up and love on her, and be with her through all the pain.... God never said He would prevent us from getting hurt, or prevent us going through very painful moments in our lives. He did, however, promise that He would be there to hold us, pick us up and let us cry in his arms when we get hurt."
Our Father is love..... and what would we do without Him in a world where we constantly do things to hurt ourselves, let alone the things that happen to us that are out of our control.
Father I love you and thank you, for picking me up and holding me when I am hurt. I pray that you will help me to understand your will when I do not, and to help me accept what happens to me in my journey through the vast winds and storms with painful drops of tears upon my face, and to be thankful when refreshing rain drops of joy rejuvenate my soul and give me drink! You, oh my one and only Father, are blessed and define my love and joy. You make all things good and happy when You are there, and You always are.... Help me then to remember that, and never to worry or fear again. I leap into your hands God, I am your servant and son. Thank you daddy, thank you Lord!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Stuff I learn ?@#$!^%&?????

I watched the film, "Underworld" tonight and it rocked! I learned something very valuable, I think, from this movie. I learned that I should NOT take sides on issues or people, but should always stay on the side of truth. I also learned that it is dangerous to fear anything, except perhaps, God. In fear, you get angry and fanatical. You argue excessively and where does it get you? It divides, but more damaging, it clouds your ability to see truth because now you develop this arguement, persona or idea that you feel you must now defend. It might be embarrassing to see you are dead off base and have to resind your views and passionate fight. So on and on you fight, beating the air like a blind fool. I now can see through this movie that it is much more important not to take sides, debate and try to persuade people to your views; however, to dig into the facts unveiling truth and excepting none other. To be your own leader and submitt to the notion of also being your own follower. I know, I get the weirdest spins off of movies in between the blood and guts. I am just wired a little......special
I am waiting to get up for Michelle's half marathon this morning. I am excited for her! She has trained hard and I know she will run a great race. I love all and to all a good night ........sleep!

Keep it in His Hands,


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mission Statement

.............if fear leads you, then you have already been defeated even before the fight .....

............if courage guides you and leads you with faith , hope, and no fear, than you have won before you have even begun to fight.......

..........many good men die everyday, but what defines them is not how they died, but what they died for!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I consider myself a king due to the love my friends hold for me. I am getting used to having people around me who will let me say anything and not get upset by it, but support and love me through it all. I am lucky to have you Jeremy, Gene, Lisa, Andy, Lori, Tera, Stacy, Michelle, Tommy, Megan, Greg, ect, ect, ect.......... Told you I was rich.... I could easily go on and on, but that's just a scatch of the surface of this week. Thank you, I love you all.